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Board games aren't only for youngsters. Every adult may enjoy a tabletop game, from mind-bending puzzles to super-strategic games. 

Aries are confident risk-takers. You play to win, whether it's getting a promotion or finding love

 Aries: Risk

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Taurus loves, not fights. You favor modest progress and personal aims over other signs' continual competition. 

Taurus: Catan

Geminis are quick-witted and witty. As Mercury's sign, you're always talking. Scramble is perfect for you since parties are about networking,

Gemini: Scrabble

You're not too nice to throw elbows during game night! You are compassionate and competitive. 

Cancer: Codenames

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Leo, you're theatrical, but why not? Your enthusiasm captivates others. Guesstures, a charades game, is a great way to entertain your friends. 

Leo: Guesses

You're observant and quiet. You're Mercury-ruled like Gemini, but you're more inquisitive than sociable

Virgo: Hint

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Scorpio, you're a challenge. You're stylish and engaging, but you're more than that.

Scorpio: Chess

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