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Relationship Fighting Zodiac Sign


Aries is always prepared for conflict. This is a robust and powerful symbol.

Even when they understand they are mistaken, they are compelled and committed to triumph. 

They never give up in a fight and are constantly searching for methods to outwit their partner.

If their partner is not on the same page as them, Geminis are more prone to engage in a polite disagreement that escalates into a violent conflict. 


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To mentally push themselves and occasionally to pass the time, they might launch an unjustified battle.

If they feel ignored and their partner disagrees with them, Virgos may engage in a passionate dispute. Mostly, Virgos love to have their way.


They typically refuse to compromise and never do so in accordance with their partner's desires during conflicts.

Leos loves drama. Even if the issue can be settled amicably, they will seek to escalate it rather than discuss it with their partner.


When they don't receive what they want, they become annoyed very quickly.

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