Eclipse clouded WA town.

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The uncommon 62-second eclipse between Perth and Broome drew eclipse seekers from across the globe. 

"The moon is moving across the face of the sun," Time and Date's

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Eclipse stillnessA rare complete eclipse silenced Exmouth.Applause followed the uncommon 62-second incident.

It reconnects us to the universe."I was surprised to cry."9News weather presenter Scherri-Lee Biggs broke down live from the town

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"They're rare and special," Klinken added."13 total eclipses in 20 years, four in WA."

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Fingernail moons are gorgeous. Freebies from the cosmos."We are lucky."

If you can see any of the actual sun surface, turn away," he added. "Do not look at it with the naked eye

At 10.04 AM (AWST) in Exmouth, the partial eclipse began with totality.62 seconds of totality.

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Location matters.

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