Saddest Zodiac Sign

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Have a buddy who tears at every movie—even non-Nicholas Sparks ones? Maybe your empathy makes you sad sometimes

Tauruses may look reclusive, yet they sense emotions. Change makes this obstinate earth sign sad.


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Practical, strategic Virgos. They overthink everything, causing mental discomfort.


Libras strive to achieve at work but also have fun with family. Air signs emotionally collapse when they feel off-kilter.


Scorpio's strength is easily misinterpreted. This water sign is quite emotional, despite its appearance. They also magnify minor issues.


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Pisces require a box of Kleenex while watching movies or TV. Garbis says they weep throughout the Olympics, cartoons, 


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Cancers are the saddest zodiac sign because they are caring and sensitive. Water signs experience things profoundly.


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