Secretive Zodiac Sign

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Leading a parallel life is different from keeping secrets, which we all do. What makes someone more prone to lie, whether it's having a long-term relationship, working for the CIA

"Virgo's meticulousness allows them to live two lives." "Their ability to organize information, pay attention to little clues and tells


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"Aquarius is another one of those signs that can be a slippery fish when it comes to telling the truth,"


Leos are confident and adore attention, yet they still have secrets. They won't injure anybody with their large hearts.


Geminis are famously two-faced and spend their free time strategizing.


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Scorpios' loved ones can't track them. They employ a secret password cache and several emails to avoid exposure.


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Don't be shocked if a Cancer in your life shocks you with their sinful pleasure or something worse. Cancers are complicated and cunning.


Capricorns lead. Earth signs are calm and secretive, yet they may be wicked.


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