Spiritualest Zodiac Sign

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Some individuals appear to be on a spiritual journey, whether they meditate to clear their minds, connect with nature, or ponder big life questions.

Libras are spiritual because they want harmony and justice. Air signs are wonderful communicators and seek deep relationships in all parts of life.


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"They believe that love conquers all," explains Medium Chat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. 


Taurus likes luxury, but they also enjoy watching the dawn or smelling the flowers. 


Scorpios are transformational and recognize a higher power. "Scorpios are immensely spiritual, being drawn to tarot, astrology.


“Discovering the Spiritual Significance of 1010 Angel Number: A Comprehensive Guide”

Sagittarius is crazy and philosophical. Loftis tells Best Life that fire signs like to examine spirituality, religion, and belief.


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Water signs are inventive and artistic. They are hyper-empathic and in touch with the world. They often have clairvoyance.


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