Stingiest Zodiac Sign

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Let's face it—some folks are more frugal than others. Because of need or preference, they may be more thrifty. 


Hint astrologer Marion Williamson agrees. "Moon-ruled, nurturing Cancers are conservative and shrewd providers who look after their own first,"

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Capricorns may not spend money since they value life's better things. "The ambitious, business-minded Capricorn has a serious attitude towards money,



Overdrafting their accounts to contribute to charity might drive this sympathetic sign to act cheaply.

Virgos are inexpensive, according to Williamson. "Frugal and modest," the occasionally rigid sign avoids lavish conduct. 


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Scorpios might be secretive about their wealth, even from close friends and relatives. 

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Taurus is mistrustful of anyone who persuades them to part with their cash, and probably still remembers you owe $10 from three years ago,"

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