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The 3 Most Hard-Working Zodiac Signs


Taurus works hard, is loyal, and wants material comforts.

Being the established earth sign, they may stand their ground. Taureans are determined and strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

Taurus loves money and makes it well. Taurus knows that hard work pays off, hence Wall Street's bull.


Virgos work hard and aim for perfection. When Virgo wants something, they'll do whatever it takes.

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The sixth house is ruled by Virgo. “Virgos are workaholics.

Their earth element makes them reliable at work and their changeable modality makes them great communicators.

They like to take charge at work as cardinals. These realistic achievers will work hard to attain what they want.


The steely sea goat takes the cake, considering that they rule the 10th house of career.

They're long-lived thanks to Saturn. Perfect for the hardest-working sign.

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