The 5 Hardest Myers-Briggs Types

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Workaholics are appreciated. They're enthusiastic and willing to work hard. Goal-oriented people often have a natural drive to complete tasks.

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Sameera Sullivan, matchmaker and relationship expert, tells Best Life that introverts, intuitives, thinkers, and judges work hard. 


ENTJs, who are more outgoing than INTJs, are also highly driven. "ENTJs are driven by a desire for achievement


“Discovering the Spiritual Significance of 1010 Angel Number: A Comprehensive Guide” astrologer Karen Comen tells Best Life that introverted, perceiving, thinking, and evaluating individuals strive hard to achieve their best.


ESTJs mirror introverts. These folks are ready to lead, says United Medical Education founder Brian Clark, BSN, MSNA. ESTJs lead, organize, and don't miss a thing.


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Introverted, perceiving, feeling, and evaluating people are also motivated. Like ESTJs, these planners take delight in their structure.


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