The Earthiest Zodiac Sign

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Want a buddy who likes beer and football? Need a practical project partner? Need a sensible pal to advise? Avoid high-strung or pompous people in these situations.

Capricorns are trustworthy confidants. They're always on time and do what they say.


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Virgos are another earth sign, and as you would expect, tend to be practical and rational," says Garbis.


Cancers are trustworthy and devoted companions. If you're sad, they'll listen, provide advise, or prepare you a meal


 This confidence makes them seem approachable and low-key. Despite their rage, they don't worry about what others think or their faults.


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This sign, symbolized by the scales of justice, may stay calm and moderate. This "keeps others in check," says Garbis.


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Taurus may be materialistic and finicky about luxury clothes and five-star restaurants. They seldom do this. For luxury, they labor hard. 


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