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The Kindest Zodiac Signs

Libras are polite and chivalrous. This makes Libra the friendliest sign. Libras are extra-kind.

1. Libra

Librans usually endeavor to keep peace and put out fires. They naturally promote peace and harmony.

Selflessness is a cheerful Piscean helping others. Pisces has the sweetest heart and enjoys helping others.


They seem artificial and snobbish, yet their overprotectiveness is genuine. It's a Piscean trait.

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Taurus is the warmest zodiac sign, yet not the most popular. Taurus' kindness goes beyond helping others.


They smile at strangers, hold the door open, and usually let you go first, but that's not all.

Aquarius may surprise you as the friendliest zodiac sign. Aquarians are the most adored zodiac sign, yet a spurned Aquarian is a ravenous lion.


Sagittarius has the kindest heart. Sagittarians appear restless, but they're only avoiding negativity.


Cancer—the most beloved sign? The friendliest zodiac sign? Mood-dependent. Cancerians are kind but moody.


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