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The Most Careless Zodiac Sign



Pisces, the dreamy water sign, are typically loners. These sensitive sweethearts prefer daydreaming to reality.

They don't abandon work, school, or family, but they're often in their own world. Even unintentionally, this might cause carelessness.


Geminis are notorious for their sharp tongues and duplicity. Geminis seek excitement everywhere.

They intellectualise their feelings and may act selfishly without realising it. They often don't realise how their methods irritate others.

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Cards are outgoing and opportunistic, like Aries. Fire rules them, making them impetuous and outspoken, which can lead to disrespect.

Aries dislikes authority and does not want approval. The confident ram will rather fight alone than compromise.


Capricorns believe their way is the only way. They won't accept they're incorrect or that there's a better way due to their bloated egos.

They're selfish when pursuing opportunity. Capricorns are strategic geniuses who always play to win, which might injure others.


Scorpios want power and are selfish. They're careless even though others don't like it.

They like to maintain secrets and propagate gossip to advance their goal. They won't accept criticism or confess fault.

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