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The Most Dependable Zodiac Sign


The majority of the time, they are unrealistic and live with their heads in the clouds, yet this trait does not make them unreliable.

They will always be there when you need emotional support.


Scorpios have the ability to get things done and dislike taking orders from others.

They are a fixed sign, which means they respect stability and are quite set in their ways.

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Cancers, like Pisces, belong to the sympathetic water sign category.

These individuals are almost too dependable, as they sacrifice a great deal of themselves to be there for others.


Taureans tend to be more grounded and practical than others.

They enjoy feeling useful and are likely to have a solution for any problem you provide them with.


Capricorn is the last earth sign, making these individuals some of the most sturdy and dependable in general.

They are incredibly efficient and concentrated, and they like working diligently on any given task.

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