The Most Disclosing Zodiac Sign

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You undoubtedly know not to tell some individuals your secrets. Some individuals can't be trusted with confidential information, 

Cancers want everyone to get along because they love their friends and family. 


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Capricorns may maintain secrets, but they don't. Honigman states Capricorns "intelligent, socially aware, and understand social structures,


Virgos emphasize productivity above secrecy. Honigman calls them "plain-speaking, straightforward, no-nonsense individuals who get uncomfortable when they need to hide facts."


If you've spent time with an Aquarius, you know they're always in their own thoughts, making them easy to zone out and disclose a secret. 


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Because they adore sharing tales, these gregarious butterflies reveal intimate information. If they run out of stories, they'll tell yours.


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Honigman calls Sagittarians "warm, fun, loyal, and enthusiastic." Despite having terrific (and exciting) friends, it's simple for them to say anything personal about you,


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