The Most Empathetic Zodiac Sign

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This sign may not be able to sense what you're feeling, but they will typically behave sympathetically.

Aquarius is driven by a desire for social justice and equality, causing them to emotionally empathise.


Virgo is a diligent sign that is committed to serving others.

And when it comes to their friends, family, and frequently even strangers, they will always go the extra mile.

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Pleasant, helpful, and sociable, Libra is also a top contender on our list.

Libras have a natural capacity to see all sides of a situation, making them a very compassionate zodiac sign.


Cancers are extremely friendly, understanding, and most of all reassuring.

They are natural healers and have a deeper understanding of the human heart than any other sign.


This water sign, symbolized by the fish, is naturally empathetic.

Pisces is the 'dreamer' and is often immersed in fantasy, allowing its profound thoughts to connect with others.

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