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The Most Heartless Zodiac Sign


Aries are leaders and self-centered. Fire signs can seem heartless since they're so focused on themselves and their ambitions.


Aquarians are aloof and unconventional. They'll soon shut you out if you don't like their quirkiness, even though they're not unkind.


Capricorns appreciate order and being correct. Earth signs put reasoning before emotion.

Capricorn wants results and can look indifferent or unemotional while making tough judgments.

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Another fire sign who likes discovering the finest ways to succeed would likewise be seen as callous.

Sagittarius tends to be self-centered. If you don't share their vision, they'll pursue their own road and ignore you.


Geminis are sociable butterflies. They can act differently depending on who they're around because they're around so many individuals.

If something is wrong, they blame you. As people seek the best for themselves, air signs may seem harsh and rude.


Scorpios, powerful earth signs with piercing intellects, are the coldest and most closed-off signs.

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