The Most Impulsive Zodiac Sign,

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Are there any people you know who always respond positively? Do they act hastily without considering the repercussions that could follow? 

These earth signs often make decisions without taking the implications into account in order to satisfy their mind and body at the time.


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Even when they make impulsive decisions like texting an ex, inviting a friend to dinner, or changing their relationship status,


Day-to-day experiences are always changing for those that are considered free spirits, which eventually results in impulsivity.


Since the sun is the sign's ruling planet, Leos have an especially optimistic outlook on life. The third fire sign is known for having strong intuition and being 


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Some of the decisions they make may be seen as rash or impetuous by those who do not share their desire to learn and comprehend. 


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 Mars is the planet of confidence, therefore those born under the fire sign of Aries may act without thinking first. 


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