The Most Loneliest Zodiac Sign

Alone doesn't mean lonely. Some independent folks are comfortable ordering a dinner for one or travelling alone.

Aries may not appear lonely due to their independence, but their adventurous nature might compel them to view others as competitors.


In many instances, though, this sensitivity can result in a profound sense of loneliness.


Kyle says Virgos are perfectionists and "cut out people if they don't feel it's a 'perfect match.'"


Cancers are highly sentimental signs. Even if they are content, this frequently results in a yearning for people and places.


Capricorns devote the most of their efforts on advancing in their careers, leaving little time for socialising and forming relationships.


Scorpios have a reputation for being secretive and mysterious.


Because of this, they presume others are similarly disposed, causing them to be extremely suspicious and untrusting of others.

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