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The Most Loving Zodiac Sign



From choosing to be in a relationship to simply going on a date with someone, Sagittarius does everything with enthusiasm.

Sagittarians embrace life and love with equal fervor. This "generous and receptive" sign is not frightened of public displays of affection.


Even if it's overwhelming, Pisces will always love and care for you. This gentle water sign is completely committed to their partner.

Pisces prefer to dissolve into anything and whoever they love.

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Libra is always looking for love," adds Loftis. This Venus-ruled sign wants calm, serenity, and stability.

Libras know how to show their undying love, whether they're whispering sweet nothings or walking on the beach on your anniversary.


This fire sign needs their partner's constant attention.

If you've been entrusted with their loyalty and love, they will lavish you with affection, attention and presents, and you should do the same in return.


Taureans are reliable, trustworthy, and affectionate in relationships.

The Venus-ruled Earth sign tends to be a soft-hearted soul who displays love by caring, protecting, and nourishing.

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