The Most People-Pleasing Zodiac Sign 

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We all know "yes men"—people who say what you want to hear. They're usually honest. Instead, they may aim to inspire a choice or comfort you in a difficult situation. 

Even though they disagree, they may vocally agree. Thankfully, this is never malicious. "Their advice won't steer you wrong," 


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"Saggies have an amazing sense of humor and will tell you what you want to hear so you can both skip over the problem and get on with a good time


"They tell themselves you need to learn some lessons the hard way, and this is how they do it


Pisces friends are sensitive, creative, and insightful. They can understand your emotions because of their intuition. 


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However, if you really messed up, they won't be respectful about it," Crescent explains. They may be your sign in a tough situation.


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"Libras can be glib and schmoozy when they want to win social points or ingratiate themselves with another person or group,


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