The Most Unreliable Zodiac Sign

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It's annoying to be stood up, but some signs don't mind. Read on to discover the zodiac signs most likely to ditch you, from a bit unreliable to very unreliable.


Aquarius doesn't fit inside a box. Rebellious and free-spirited, they may not be ready for commitment.

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Cancers often struggle to set limits since they're sensitive. Due to the Moon's mood swings, they are readily affected by others.



Sagittarius likes to try new things and meet new people. Because of their urge to be busy, they may not show up.

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Clare believes this might sometimes prompt individuals to put their own wishes above their commitments,



Leos are fire signs like Sagittarius and don't want to stay still. Leos are self-assured, theatrical, and selfish.

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Mercury, the planet of change and volatility, rules them.

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