The Rudest Zodiac Sign

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Some individuals never listen and interrupt others mid-sentence. These people roll their eyes and are rude. They're impolite and have no bounds.

Leo egos. They're sun-ruled, so they assume the universe revolves around them. However, behaving like they're the only ones might cause problems.


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Capricorns won't offend you if you follow their instructions and do assignments their way. Be cautious, or you'll be left behind.


Aries won't hold back if you're not close. They are direct and unfiltered. Bennet said they behave in the moment and don't care about others' sentiments.


Tauruses are earth signs and fixed signs who don't enjoy losing. Clare calls them stubborn and haughty.


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Geminis are adaptable, yet their dual nature may make them indecisive and unreliable. "What's fine one day is a big no no the next," Bennet explains.


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Sagittarius always gets their way. This makes them bold and rude. Their incessant thirst for new experiences and movement might be off-putting.


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