The Sign with the Most Hunger for Power

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Others merely have a desire for power. There are those people who prioritize influence above all else, whether they want to be the boss at work or want to make everyone online envious of them. 

 The motto of the Sagittarius sign, according to author and astrologer Rebecca Farrar, is "go big or go home


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Aries aspires to have control in both their personal and professional lives. According to Farrar, an Aries' ambition occasionally stems from a desire for more


This sign's singular focus, according to Farrar, "goes after what they want and may bulldoze others in the process."


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 A Leo may want to be your buddy if it appears that you have influence on social media, according to Farrar.


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"Scorpio defines power through its intimidation and boldness," hence they excel in the fields of commerce and money.


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