The Strongest Zodiac Sign

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Astrology can reveal which signs are more likely to be profound. Find out which zodiac signs are the most intense, from eager to focused.


Libras pursue justice until they succeed. Forensic Astrology 101 author Valerie Evans says Librans are frequently attorneys because of this. 

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Cancers are notoriously emotional. Whether carrying grudges or defending their family, they can't be low-key. 



Capricorns labor tirelessly. If you've worked with Caps, you know they're unstoppable when they're in the zone.

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Leos want leadership. Zodiac kings and queens, after all. They don't give up because of their leadership qualities.



They're great at crowd management and self-motivation. Evans says Aries can always "accomplish an impossible task."

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Scorpios are notoriously intense. "Mars-ruled Scorpios will dig deep until they can't dig anymore,

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