The Zodiac Signs I Won't Date Are These

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There are several factors to take into account while navigating the dating scene. Astrological indications might sometimes matter in addition to compatibility on a physical and emotional level. 

Clingy conduct is an immediate turn-off for Libras since they flourish when they don't feel constrained by their spouse


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Aries are used to handling every facet of daily life on their own. They have a natural swagger and confidence in relationships as a result of this. 


One of the zodiac's most caring and sympathetic signs is Cancer. A Cancer who is in love will go out of their way to make the connection cozy. 


When initially introduced, Scorpios are quite secretive. To really understand what makes a Scorpio tick, it may take months or even years of developing trust


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Sagittarius is renowned for being very sociable and welcoming to all people. Deciphering their flirtation might be challenging because of this.


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They're also among of the most possessive and jealous zodiac signs when it comes to relationships. I say "no" to it.


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