These Zodiac Sign Want a Secret Life

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Virgo's obsessive attention to detail makes dual lifestyles easy.

A duel-reality is possible due to their ability to organise, pay attention to small clues, and compartmentalise information.


Aquarius is another one of those signs that may be a slippery fish when it comes to telling the truth.

Kind and creative Aquariuses help their mystery side shine. This very educated sign is good at keeping secrets.

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Leos are known for their bravado and love of the spotlight, yet they may have something to hide.


Known as the archetype of 'the twins,' Geminis can manage duality better than other signs.

Depending on their circumstances, Geminis can have two quite different personalities.


Scorpios are enigmatic, so you may never know what's going on.

Scorpios are highly private and if that means choosing an alias so it's impossible for them to be tracked down, so be it.

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