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This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Kisser


Nobody is more knowledgeable than a Capricorn. Their innate confidence and swagger can be scary in the business.

But it transfers nicely to their kissing skills. Capricorns may not be as promiscuous as other zodiac signs.


If you desire more spontaneity in your intimate encounters, look no further than Geminis.

These social butterflies are well-known for their gift of gab and linguistic skills, so it's safe to assume they know how to use their tongues.

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If you're seeking for a love reminiscent of The Notebook's Noah and Allie, you'll find it with a Scorpio.

These intriguing water signs are reluctant to make the first move; they would rather have others approach them.


The ideal combination of cool, calm, and collected, the fiery Sagittarius understands how to adjust their flirting technique to win over others.

Due to their carefree demeanour, Sagittarians are among the top kissers in the zodiac.


It should come as no surprise that Venus-ruled Taurus is one of the zodiac's top kissers.

They may lack the outward confidence of other signs, but what they lack in flamboyance they make up for in sensuality.


Their malleable water energy allows them to tune into the unsaid wishes and dreams of their lovers.

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