Totally Cat People Zodiac Signs

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Saturn's earthy side is the long-term foundations we build to contain life's upheaval.

We have to prove ourselves before cats will cuddle up on the couch with us. Caps are committed to pet control.

Success requires patience. Hence, Capricorn joins the cat-loving zodiac signs.


Aquarius are free thinkers who entertain their dogs with games and open conversation.

Aquarius treat their cats like any other pet, never overwhelming them.

Aquarius admires cats for recognising love requires diversity and seclusion. Space matters.


Our universe's massive, scorching sun rules Leos. Saturn, the furthest visible planet, rules cats.

One is friendly, while the other seems aloof. Cats keep Leos grounded in their housework when they'd rather be out.

Leos prefer pet photos than selfies because their cats are so cute. You finally understand love.

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