Tropical Vacations

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Want to escape? If fruity cocktails and crystal blue seas seem calming, it may be time to take that dream trip.

Aries are very adventurous and fiery, which makes this a perfect spot for them to do some fun outdoor activities

Aries: Jamaica

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Taurus desires an idyllic beach vacation. You want to relax on vacation and not worry about anything. You'll spend everything to have this.

Taurus: Ibiza

Unique like them, this spot has adventures for everyone and plenty of gorgeous natural backdrops for your photos."

Gemini: Bahamas

Cancers will love being surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Fiji," adds Stardust. "Their emotional side will embrace water and help them embrace calm

Cancer: Fiji

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Leos love laughter and summer beverages. You thrive in summer, so your ideal vacation place will feature sun, mingling, and nightlife.

Leo: Tulum.

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This introverted sign loves a little alone time, which means they'll love the peace and tranquility offered in Bora Bora,

Virgo: Bora Bora

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