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TrustPoint Inc., a cubesat-based global navigation satellite system company, launched its first satellite April 15 on the SpaceX Transporter-7 rideshare trip.

TrustPoint, situated in Leesburg, Virginia, spent years establishing that a cubesat may include an accurate location, navigation, and timing source.

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The team has developed our essential technologies from idea to prototype through demonstration and testing. 

It’s Time

TrustPoint's first mission, It's About Time, will test, calibrate, and optimize payload technologies. 

TrustPoint and other location, navigation, and timing firms are responding to U.S. government requests for backup or complementary solutions.

GPS Backup

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Shannon claimed TrustPoint “initiated a contract and delivered a spacecraft ready for launch in under 10 months.”

The Air Force and Space Force awarded TrustPoint Small Business Innovation Research grants.

Defense Contracts

The contracts support us financially, but more importantly they allow us to have conversations with the right people,” DeMay added.

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PS interference and jamming worry U.S. military authorities.

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