Vacations by Zodiac Sign

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Budget, schedule, and travel style all influence vacation planning. Some want tropical vacations, while others want to explore. 


Aries must be active. You're best in a busy metropolis since you're not scared to try new things. 

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Taurus loves luxury. You travel for nice cuisine and companionship. Taurus, governed by Venus, doesn't like camping. 


Geminis value experiences over possessions. Stunning sights aren't enough—you need brain stimulation too


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Cancer wants a home-away-from-home holiday. You want to stay someplace that takes care of the details and lets you relax since relaxation is your top priority while traveling. 


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Leo, city life enlivens you. You adore embracing local culture. An active holiday with a lively social environment is perfect. 


Virgo wants a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Active and interested, you need an outdoor adventure vacation. 

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