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Astrologer, writer, and podcaster Lauren Ash. She writes USA TODAY horoscopes and columns for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest.

Aries: Cowlneck Sweater

You need a colorful cowl neck sweater to show off your energy and drive. 

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Tauruses prioritize comfort and quality above trends. You'll save up to purchase high-end products you'll adore instead of off-brand or inexpensive versions.

Taurus: Cashmere Sweater 

Gemini: Cardigan

Geminis are exuberant. You prefer to mix and match elements to create ensembles that will spark attention at your numerous social events.

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Cancers are kind and humble. You enjoy soft, snug, and comfortable stuff but don't forsake style.

Cancer: Wool Sweater

Leo: Bulky Sweater

Leos have the most innovative fashion tastes. Bright colors show off your outgoing nature, and you always dress well.

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Virgo: Cable-Knit Sweater

Virgos have classic taste. You're picky because you're detail-oriented. Because of your hectic lifestyle, you choose a simple, elegant closet.

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