Wearing Jewelry

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A striking necklace may spice up a little black dress, while pearl earrings might emphasize a vibrant sweater. 

Aries: Trendy Fitness Tracker

Aries, you're ambitious and fierce. Mars, the planet of activity, helps you succeed.

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A delicate crystal necklace will accentuate the neck and throat, which Taurus controls.

Taurus: Dainty Crystal Necklace

Gemini: Brooch

Free-spirited extroverts are Geminis. If you're having fun and being yourself, you adore making an entrance. 

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Cancer loves nostalgia. You're sensitive to your own and others' emotions as the Moon's sign. 

Cancer: Ring

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Leo Necklace

You're outgoing and require jewelry to match your sun sign. Statement necklaces draw attention, which you adore. 

Libra: Antique Locket Necklace

Virgos have impeccable taste. You frequently wear your capsule wardrobe basics.

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