Your Zodiac Pizza Order

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Pizza tastes vary. Whether you like NYC-style pizza, Chicago deep dish, or gourmet pizza, your toppings reveal a lot about you. Are you daring or traditional? Spicy or mild? 

Aries, you love life. You're unstoppable and passionate. Nothing is impossible with fast thinking and dedication. 

Aries: Supreme Pizza

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Taurus prefers nicer things, but you can still enjoy a classic again and then. You're picky about pizza toppings, being a fixed earth sign.

Taurus: Sausage Pizza

You amaze others with your deep, cerebral side. Hawaiian pizza's sweet-salty taste embraces your duality in a joyful and surprising manner.

Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza

You love spending time with familiar folks. You're emotive and stick to your decisions as a moon sign. Thus, you prefer childhood favorites.

cancer: pepperoni pizza

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Leo, you're needed! Your free-spirited creativity excites the audience. You like big choices because you have trouble keeping things low-key. 

Leo: Meat Lover Supreme

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You're fussy about eating. You enjoy healthful home-cooked meals. However, you will indulge in your favorite pizza.

Virgo: Veggie Pizza

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