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No matter how successful, physically gorgeous, or charming someone is, your defenses may go up around them. No one is perfect, but what turns off a prospective partner?

As zodiac perfectionists, they may criticize how you fold the clothes, become upset when you're five minutes late, and have trouble relaxing.


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This makes them goal-oriented and diligent, but also rigid and uptight in their personal life.


"People may want to avoid getting too close to Scorpios and thus, they can be perceived as less desirable," says Clare.


She believes their peculiarities and idealistic ideals "can make it difficult for them to compromise or see other perspectives."


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Their fiery attitude makes them short-tempered and competitive, even with loved ones.


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Their Moon-ruled nature explains it. "They tend to be very family-oriented and protective of their loved ones, but this can also lead to them being overly sensitive or defensive,"


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