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Some folks are vile. They may be condescending or constantly name-calling. Astrology may explain a friend, family member, or coworker's undesirable conduct

They can suddenly flip in a flash of anger," cautions astrologer Jetta. While Geminis are usually friendly, they can get angry. 


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Cancers "can sometimes snap at people when they get into one of their moods,"


they can often be out of touch with the impact their actions have on others." Aquarius may be misunderstood.


even harsher towards others, especially as a projection of their own self-loathing.


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Aries holds grudges less than other signs," she explains. After a major fight, they'll likely move on.


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Scorpio feels like a fighter against evil whose purpose is to eliminate it." If they think someone is bad, they'll attack and "boldly criticize the shortcomings of others."


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