Sneakiest Zodiac Sign

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We're all a bit enigmatic sometimes—maybe we're holding our cards close to our chest while getting to know a new companion.

Aquarius is one of the intellectual signs and excels in creativity, invention, and humanitarianism


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Cancers are sneaky yet frank about it. Crescent says, "They sincerely believe in 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Libras, ruled by Venus, are sly communicators. Unfortunately, they occasionally have ulterior motives


This expressive, inventive, and appealing symbol has a sinister side. "Pisces will gaslight you if you doubt them


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"They'll have two sets of friends who dislike each other, two favorite aunties who are sworn rivals, and very likely two separate spouses


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"That makes them feel sneakiness is necessary as a tool in life," adds Gordon. They're quickly angered and desire retaliation.


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