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After a friend's ranting, do you need a nap? Maybe your colleague's project ideas confuse you? Horoscopes may make certain individuals drained. Astrologers list the most taxing zodiac signs


Working with a Capricorn is harder than being their buddy. They're disciplined and regimented, working late at the expense of their personal lives.

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The social butterfly of the zodiac is fun, but sometimes they speak too much or run from party to party. Staying on the Gemini train is tough.


Sagittarius is restless like Gemini. They want larger thrills and globe adventures, not simply socializing.

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Medium Chat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet calls Cancer life a "emotional rollercoaster."


Mercury rules Virgo, says Marquardt. This is fantastic in many cases, but it also forces them into your company,

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Aries, the zodiac's independent leaders, never lose focus. They tire people by pushing them too far. 

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