Worst Zodiac Signs for Travel

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Aries and Scorpio

Adventurers are Aries. They always want the best and will choose the most thrilling activities on every trip.

They are bossy, impetuous, and domineering. The meticulous Scorpio may find travelling with them tough.


Taurus loves lavishness. Taurus vacations feature lavish meals, shopping, and spa days.

Although being rushed, they take their time. For Sagittarius, they're a deal-breaker.

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Traveling with friendly, charming, and witty Geminis is unforgettable. They don't mind making new pals when travelling.

Despite vacations, this cerebral air sign doesn't rest. If you enjoy a relaxing vacation, Gemini's constant demand for discussion.


Cancers prefer all-inclusive vacations. Homebodies like relaxing holidays in their cabanas.

But, this melancholy water sign needs a lot of alone time to recover and can get cranky without creature comforts.


Leos aren't shy, even on vacation. They are good travel partners for Gemini and Sagittarius, but not for Virgo.

Leo's aggressive demeanour can overwhelm Virgo when travelling.

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