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Some individuals overreact to situations. If you've met a petty person—whether at work or at home—you know how merciless they can be.

Honigman cautions that Leons "use their attention to detail to tear people apart" if disrespected. Be wary of Leos.


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Geminis will let you know if they're feeling vengeful and "can deliver the sickest burns."


 Honigman advises that this fiery sign may be petty since they're "ruled by Mars, the planet of war, and are no strangers to a juicy put-down."


"Distracting" Cancers may quit their vindictive preoccupation, according to Alta.


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"Their emotional outbursts manifest themselves in the form of pettiness," Alta warns Scorpios. Avoid their wrath.


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Alta quips "Virgo and pettiness are synonyms." Virgos remember everything. Virgos remember what you said on a first date, even if you don't. 


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