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We seldom have time to make breakfast, the most crucial meal of the day. From dropping off the kids to dashing through traffic, many early responsibilities demand a fast and simple meal. 

Aries: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel

Time is limited. Aries, the zodiac's leader, rise early with a lengthy to-do list. You'll need a hearty breakfast to fuel your day.

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Tauruses work hard, but you don't enjoy getting up early. If possible, you'll hit snooze.

Taurus: Onion Bagel

Gemini: Bagel

Plain bagels are wonderful since they're customisable. After toasting your bagel, try different spreads. 

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Cancer, the zodiac's nurturer, understands comfort. You appreciate family and use food to connect with others. 

Cancer-Blueberry Bagel

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Leo: Bagel

Leo, you want it all—why not? As the zodiac's fiery extrovert, you adore getting up early to follow your aspirations and finish before the next party. 

Pisces: Lox bagel

Sensitive Pisces are intuitive. You follow your mood, thus you'll try everything once. 

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