Your Heart Health and Zodiac Sign

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Astrology provides life insights. Most people use the signs as personality indications, but there's more. Astrologers think your zodiac sign affects heart health.


Aries' fierce temper may indicate health. Aries, ruled by Mars, have trouble settling down

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Taurus, you're laid-back. Venus rules your taste for luxury. Venus is good for your heart, but you may overdo it.


Geminis can't stop. You're continually going between work and socializing. 


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Cancer, you're kind. When you love someone, you give your everything. Moon-ruled, you're intuitive and emotional. 


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Leo, the heart sign, is generous, joyful, and warmhearted. "You know the phrase, a Leo's heart is their best asset


irgos are most health-conscious. Mercury controls the brain, neurological system, and mind-body link.

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