Your Ideal Engagement Ring,

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Your engagement ring expresses your individuality and love language as well as your commitment. Your ideal proposal definitely didn't contain a ring you didn't like.

Aries: Marquise-Cut Ring

"A grand and lavish style engagement ring, perhaps with a unique gemstone that reflects their passionate nature,

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Tauruses love fiercely. You love softly and sensually. Love is comforting and protecting your mate. 

Taurus: Cathedral Ring

Gemini: Ring

Geminis, the exuberant social butterflies of the zodiac, don't have a "type" as long as the individual makes you laugh and wants to have fun. 

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Emotional Cancers choose their partners carefully. Once you fall in love, it's simpler to let go.

Cancer: Ring

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Leo: Princess-Cut Ring

Leo is a zodiac party animal. You seek attention. Your outgoing, bold character allows you to show your emotions in love.

Virgo: Three-Stone Ring

Even a perfectionist like you loves romance. You like private displays of affection with your lover.

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