Your Zodiac Ice Cream Order

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Ice cream is the perfect summer treat, especially when temperatures rise. Today's ice cream stores offer so many weird flavors it's hard to choose

As the zodiac's leader, you like forging your own path. Your success is unstoppable. You always bounce back from life's curveballs.

Aries: Rocky Road

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You like luxury and savoring life's tiny pleasures. You prioritize fun and relaxation. While other signs like unusual flavors, you prefer the classics.

Taurus: Cookies

Geminis are versatile. You're outgoing, unexpected, and enjoyable. You're the zodiac's social butterfly, constantly seeking adventure. 

Gemini: Birthday Cake

You love comfort, so fruit-flavored ice cream like your childhood popsicle is perfect.

Cancer: Mango

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Leo, you're a show-stopper. You're bold and vibrant. You're expressing yourself everywhere.

Leo: Hot Fudge Sundae

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You like order, Virgo. As an earth sign, you don't like to change up your routine. You have a surprise side, since Mercury rules your sign.

Cookie-Cream Virgo

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