Your Zodiac Workout

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A steady and well-rounded fitness regimen may improve your mind, body, and spirit, whether you work from home or simply want to move more. Newcomers may find the gym crowded and frightening.

Gemini, you're extroverted and stimulated by others. You appreciate trying new things and being social, unlike other indications. 

Gemini: Zumba

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Pilates combines moderate movement with core training to let your body lead you. 

Cancer: Pilates

You like group fitness sessions that make you perform. Ballet barre is popular and matches your theatrical side.

Ballet Barre

You feel best balanced in a daily routine. Yoga may help you stretch and move in the morning in only 20 minutes.

Virgo: Yoga

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Libra loves, not fights. Your Venusian energy makes you a leader or mediator. You're a sociable butterfly, yet you want to exercise alone and push yourself

Libra: CrossFit

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These workshops are more than simply striking objects for fun—they're an art form that requires discipline to master—all the things you need to start a new passion project.

Scorpio: Combat

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