Zodiac-Based Restaurants

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Whether you're ordering takeout, having drinks and snacks with friends, or having a romantic four-course dinner, your dining partner will likely ask, 

Aries, you're known for your zest. You're adventurous and brave. When you go out, you want a tasty lunch and a vibrant restaurant. 

Aries: Mexican Restaurant

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Breakfast is your favorite since you adore comfort food. Try that new brunch location next time you need a meal suggestion.

Taurus: IbizaTaurus: Brunch

Tapas bars let you try numerous tiny servings and speak between bites. Variety also relieves your indecision.

Tapas Bar

Cancers are homebodies, yet an intimate supper with friends or a particular someone recharges your vitality. Your ideal meal is comforting yet rare.

Cancer Restaurant

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The chef's live cooking will be the centerpiece of your evening and your social media feed.

Hibachi Grill.

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 Italian food's simple ingredients and traditional tastes are wonderful. At any Italian restaurant, you'll find your favorite dish.

Virgo: Italian Restaurant

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