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Best Life's resident astrologer gave us her zodiac-based footwear suggestions. Are ankle boots or Chelsea boots your style? Read on.

Aries: Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are the ultimate statement shoe. You'll turn attention in your favorite going-out dress or over your finest skinny jeans.

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Tauruses enjoy luxury more than any other sign, which elevates your style. You like timeless, high-quality products. 

tsTaurus: Chelsea Boots

Gemini: Lace-Up Boots

Gemini, you're continually changing your style. Your quirky and classic outfit matches your outgoing attitude.

Cancers are warm, yet your style is classy. You like delicate hues and romantic textiles

Cancer: Shearling Boots

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Leo: Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots make you look good. They can handle spontaneous dancing competitions and karaoke nights.

 Virgo: Riding Boots

lassic leather riding boots are the ideal capsule wardrobe addition since they go with practically everything.

Libra: Ankle Booties

 A chic pair of ankle boots looks great with jeans or a business dress.

Scorpio: Battleboots

Scorpions are known for their calmness. You may seem mysterious since you prefer dark. 

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Sagittarius: Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are comfy and perfect for hiking or exploring a new place.

Aquarius: Moto Boots

Aquarians are rebels. You seek for distinctive items and don't appreciate mass-produced clothes.

Pisces: Wellies

Pisces are dreamers who dress like they're in a storybook. Romantic shapes and pastel hues always make you smile.

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