Zodiac Sign Cocktails

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Cocktail preferences vary. Maybe you want sweet beverages, but not too sweet, or you're undecided between gin and vodka. Need help choosing a mixed drink? 

Bourbon works without fancy cocktail garnishes. Tropical mixed cocktails lack umbrellas for this reason.

Aries: Bourbon

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 Replace the gin in a Negroni with champagne for a fresh and enhanced drink you may sip all night."

Taurus: Negroni Sbagliato

his classic cocktail comes with a pedigree and some historical context, which will delight the cerebral Gemini

French 75

reminds a Cancer of childhood family gatherings, of beach holidays, and of long chats into the night

Cancer: Pina Colada

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making this "classy, eye-catching, simple and straightforward" drink a favorite

Leo: Goldrush

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This analytical sign won't have to browse menus since they know they want this ancient drink.

Virgo: Sazerac

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