Zodiac Sign Lacking In Emotion

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You will be deceived by the strong and resolute Capricorn. 

When they are emotionally stressed, they shut down in a matter of seconds, giving the impression to others that they are zombies.


The suffering has been tremendous, and they have learned to deal by isolating themselves. 

Aquarius may come out as emotionally broken, which can be unsettling for loved ones. 

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Scorpion is naturally cold when it comes to emotional emptiness, so it doesn't take much to flip the switch.

We typically think of Scorpion as the sign most prone to become emotionally dead, yet it requires even less effort than we imagine.


If you're as obstinate as an Aries, you must also retain your composure, and you know when to show the public that you're dying on the inside.

Aries are emotionally unstable by nature; yet, this instability can be handled and tamed via the practise of emotional emptiness.


Taureans are so irritated and unwilling to deal with your bullshit that they have mentally departed the arena in order to avoid you. 

With the use of substances such as opioids, alcohol, and sex, Taurus shuts down.

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