Zodiac Sign Most Awkward

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We all have one buddy who can glide around a party, balance their champagne and handed food like a retired ballerina, and connect with everyone. 


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, has a "me first" mentality. Impulsivity may sometimes cause problems. 

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That buddy that says what they're thinking no matter who's around? Sagittarius is possible.



This aquatic sign, symbolized by the crab, would rather stay in its shell than go out.

Virgo is sensible, hardworking, and sometimes considered an outsider. "Virgo is the coworker who avoids water cooler chatter to finish extra projects,


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If you need a plus one for a business dinner or networking event, shun this romantic, empathic, and intense sign. 

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Aquarius, the most intelligent, progressive, and forward-thinking zodiac sign, may be misconstrued. 

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